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abunDANCE of LOVE "There is a difference between dancing for PASSION and dancing for MISSION. The distinctiveness is evident when the purpose of dancing becomes no longer for ENTERTAINMENT but for ENLIGHTENMENT. Such dance is truly ENRICHMENT for the audience." -Kamini Manikam-   Here goes my dance story... As an artiste who has been practising Bharathanatyam all my life, I have had varied experiences…from spiritual ecstatic moments to bittersweet incidents. I have danced in the state of Ananda (bliss); Oneness with the Supreme. Not realising what and how I danced, I’ve thanked God in tears for that miraculous moment. And I too have danced in terrible pain. My body was injured but no matter what happens the show has to go on as scheduled. So I have masked my pain with jubilant Abhinaya (expression) and pushed myself throughout the dance routine with my willpower, whereafter running backstage and crying in agony. So why do I still choose to dance? Fame, g

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